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Specialist EDI integration experts


What We Do

Xentian Group is a specialist integration consultancy and service provider with a particular focus upon EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in a wide range of value chain operations. In a world of highly dynamic interconnected commercial ecosystems, where global and even local current events often have a real and immediate impact on distributed end-to-end supply chains, the need for agile and flexible systems has never been more important. Xentian is at the forefront of thought-leadership and innovation to support next-gen EDI – an open-tech approach that can provide a holistic solution to solve the issues of today, with the extensibility to support the demands of tomorrow. Embrace an open world of integration freedom and learn how Xentian Group can help to deliver your business aspirations through EDI.


Who We Serve

Xentian Group supports all members of the trading partner community; from a global corporation needing to crush six-figure tech budgets through improved operational efficiency, to a regional SME just needing to meet mandatory customer EDI connectivity requirements. Wherever you start from, Xentian Group can help you on the journey to realise your ambitions, ensuring your business and technical objectives are secured, whether reducing operational costs, improving customer satisfaction or achieving faster market delivery. If your requirements are EDI related, we can help.

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